What is digital publishing?

You already know what publishing is, but what about digital publishing? Do you really know all the wonderful opportunities that this online alternative can offer you?

What is digital publishing?

Digital publishing is actually very simple: it's making documents of all kinds available on the internet through online tools.

Instead of the printed books and magazines of "traditional" publishing, digital publishing allows you to create online publications: blogs, e-books, brochures, and more. Readers access this content from their computers, smartphones or any other digital device. In short, anyone with documents to share online can take advantage of this technology.

Because digital publishing covers many genres and formats, there are many different online solutions, and many different software programs. From specialized content management systems to custom applications, there is something for everyone. However, digital publishing platforms like Calaméo stand out from the rest: they offer a convenient, quick and easy way to convert your files into online publications.

The key advantages of digital publications

Compared to the paper format, digital publishing offers significant advantages. Here is a list of the most important ones:

Great accessibility

Since they are online, your documents are accessible at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. It is the only format that offers you the chance to reach such a large audience for so long, for free.

A simplified manufacturing process

No need for ink, paper, storage or distribution: the whole manufacturing process is simplified and therefore less expensive. But it also saves time because the creation of your content requires fewer steps. With digital publishing, you create your document and then put it online on Calameo and it's that easy! Our technology does all the work to convert your document into a beautiful digital publication.

It's a greener solution

Since there is no need for transportation, no need for physical storage, and no need for paper, your content has a smaller ecological footprint with digital publishing.

Easier sharing

Thanks to digital publishing, sharing your content is greatly facilitated. On the one hand, you can integrate your publications directly into your website or blog thanks to our easy-to-use functionality, and on the other hand, share buttons are available on all your publications to encourage your readers to do so.

Unique features

Viewer customization, document enrichment, white-label publishing: these are just a few of the features that are unique to digital publishing and that will help provide your readers with a truly unique experience.

Who can benefit from digital publishing?

You might think that only the traditional publishing world could benefit from digital publishing by putting its content online, but everyone, professional or not, can. In fact, here are some examples of sectors that use Calaméo:

  • Education

    It was during the pandemic that education turned much more to digital publishing to allow students around the world to continue to have access to education.

    Types of content published: courses, assignments, corrections.

  • Marketing

    With the rise of the internet, web marketing has replaced traditional marketing and brands have developed online content strategies.

    Types of published content: brochures, infographics, catalogs.

  • Publishing

    Naturally, content historically published via traditional publishing has been adapted for digital publishing to allow for easier sharing.

    Types of published content: books, magazines.

  • Companies

    With the generalization of remote work, it is more and more common for companies to digitalize their internal communication.

    Types of content published: internal newsletters, reports, presentations.

  • Freelancers

    Freelancers use digital publishing to build a client base by putting attractive content online, or by using it to share ongoing projects.

    Types of content published: portfolio, quotes, projects.

  • Personal use

    Many digital publishing users take advantage of our platform to upload documents to share with their friends and family, or for their blogs for example.

    Types of published content: homework, photo album.

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In conclusion, digital publishing is a tool that allows everyone to publish online content adapted to their target and their expectations.

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