What is a digital publication?

Digital publishing allows you to publish your documents online as publications. To learn more about digital publishing, here's more explanation about it and the benefits it offers you.

What is digital publishing?

Let's start by introducing Calaméo and digital publishing. Calameo is a digital publishing platform where you can publish and share your documents for free.

We turn your documents into interactive digital publications that you can share with the world. Brochures, newsletters, catalogs, magazines; all of these (and more!) are converted into beautiful, flip-through publications that can be enhanced with media.

What are the major benefits of digital publications?

Marketing and communication

An online presence is crucial for businesses. So consider using a digital publishing platform like Calameo for professional use.

Do you have a product to sell or an idea to share? Digital publishing is a great sales, marketing and communication tool. Use it to post and share your catalog or brochure. Calameo PLATINUM users can even take advantage of our Shopping Links feature to sell products directly from the publication and make the customer journey shorter.

Statistical Tracking

While digital publications boost sales and drive leads back to your website, they also allow you to measure reader activity. Find out how many times your links are clicked, where your readers are coming from, which pages are viewed the longest, how many times they're read, and much more with Calameo's advanced statistics, and make sure you're meeting your brand goals.


One of the advantages of digital publishing that sets it apart from print media is that it is an interactive experience. Turn the page, click on links, watch videos, zoom in; the list goes on! Add a call to action to your publication to give your customers a clear path to follow. Create a clickable button that directs readers to the next step, whether it's to complete their purchase, learn more about your service, or learn more about your website.


Personalization is another way Calameo can make your business shine. Take advantage of our white label feature and add your logo to the reader!

You can even customize it to your company's colors and brand identity by creating your own custom theme. Fill out your account information and choose a custom URL with your company name to make it easier for people to find your content.

Set the reading direction to suit the language of your document, and add (or not) print and download buttons to make it easy for your audience to perform these actions. Finally, why not add background music to make your readers' experience unique and unforgettable.

Sharing and integrations

Printed brochures and catalogs are on their way out. Today's consumers prefer to receive information in digital form. By turning your documents into digital publications, your company can instantly share its materials with a wide audience.

From sharing on social networks, to creating a ready-to-integrate online publication library, you have many options to share your digital publications with a few clicks, depending on which channel is best for you, your customers and your prospects.

Once you've created your digital publication, consider integrating it with your website. Your readers will be able to view the publication while on your site, creating a complementary user experience.

With Calameo, you can decide who can access your publications. Distribute your publication widely to a large audience with public access. Or, conversely, you can limit distribution by sharing your publications privately, or by using our Subscribers feature. No matter how and with whom you choose to share your publications, Calameo has an option for you!

Want to see for yourself where Calameo can take your business? Try our PLATINUM features for free with a two-week demo! Join millions of other content creators on Calameo and turn your documents into rich digital publications.