What is the best online publishing platform?

Digital publishing offers many advantages and at Calameo, we work tirelessly to make our platform the best choice for your online publications. That's why all of our users can enjoy great features like in-text search, private publishing and more. Find out why Calameo is the platform for all your needs.

How do you choose the right digital publishing platform for you?

Define your needs

Let's start with some simple needs:

  • How many documents do you want to publish?
  • What type of files do you want to upload?
  • How big are your files?
  • Will your publications be external or internal documents?
  • What type of display do you need (flipbook, slide or scroll)?

List the features you'll need

In addition to turning your files into publications, you can turn them into real interactive experiences thanks to the features that digital publishing offers. However, keep in mind that the features that really interest you are those that contribute to achieving your goals. For example:

  • Do you want to embed your publications into your website or blog?
  • Will you need to include interactive links in your publications?
  • Is the ability to customize the viewer to your own liking important to you?
  • Do you want to allow printing of your publications?
  • What statistics do you need?

Many digital publishing platforms will require you to sign up for a paid account in order to gain access to interesting features.

Decide what kind of access you want to give your audience

Another important factor to evaluate when choosing your digital publishing platform is access to content.

  • How many shares of your posts do you want to make?
  • Do you need your content to be restricted to your subscribers?
  • Do you need to have multiple profiles on your account to facilitate teamwork?

We recommend that you thoroughly research your privacy and subscription options to find the best solution for your needs.

Think about practicality

While defining your needs and determining what features will be useful to you is important, it's good to keep in mind a few other aspects of digital publishing platforms. For example:

  • Is the site available in your language?
  • Do you need readily available technical support?
  • What capabilities does the API provide?

Compare prices

Finally, look at the prices of different subscriptions when choosing a digital publishing platform. In some cases, a free account may offer everything you need to get started. However, the cost of paid subscriptions can vary widely, from $11 per month with a PREMIUM account on Calameo to $269 per month on other platforms.

Calameo will meet all your needs. But in case you still doubt that it is the best digital publishing platform, we have prepared a list of reasons that will convince you.

10 reasons why Calameo is the best online publishing platform

Publish different types of files

Your file doesn't have to be in PDF format to be published on Calameo. Our advanced conversion technology turns your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files into beautiful digital publications.

Publish multiple files at once

We want to make using Calameo as easy as possible for our users and every minute of your workflow counts. That's why you can upload your documents in batches of 10 files at a time to Calameo. Just drag and drop your documents to start publishing.

Your links are detected

Another strong point of our conversion technology is the automatic detection of links. Save even more time by adding external links to your original PDF before converting it. They will then be inserted directly into your publication and you can share them wherever you want.

Use Calameo's Editor

Interactivity is what makes digital experiences special and we pride ourselves on helping our users create engaging online publications. The Editor is an intuitive tool for adding links, video, audio, and even GIFs to your Calameo publications.

Add a table of contents easily

Even long documents are easy to navigate when you include a table of contents in the reader. Set up a table of contents using Bookmarks in your original PDF, or add one to your finished publication with our handy widget.

Use the "Slide" mode

We love the effect and visual appeal of flipbooks, but more than that, we love giving our users even more options. The Slide Mode offers an elegant reading experience that is ideal for presentations. You will be able to select this View Mode in the Properties of your publication.

Choose the reading direction of your publication

Do you want to publish in a language that can be read from right to left? With Calameo, this is not a problem. Set the Reading mode as such in the Properties of your publication so that your readers can consult it intuitively.

Remove the shadow in the center of the flipbook

The design of your publication is important and there are many ways to customize the Calameo reader to enhance it. Users who prefer a flatter design for their digital publications can easily remove the shadow in the center of the flipbook: just add the parameter "pagefxopacity=0" to the URL of your publication.

Display your publications in full screen

Prevent distractions and help readers stay focused on your online publication with full-screen reading. Whether it's directly on Calameo or from embedded publications on your site, you're sure to find the right choice for your digital publishing needs.

Integrate your publications online

Calameo makes the process of integrating your digital publications very simple. Decide how you want your embedded publications to look and copy the code with one click to insert it on your website. Plus, you can also embed your private publications for added security and control.

These are just ten of the best reasons why Calameo is the best online publishing platform. We could also have mentioned other great features we offer such as our great storage capabilities, our amazing Calaméo Library or the ease of updating an existing publication, and much more!

We're also sure you'll appreciate the advanced features of our professional offerings, from detailed statistics to Subscriber management. Ready to discover why Calameo is the best online publishing platform for your documents? Sign up for your free account and start publishing today.