How to use a digital publishing platform?

Digital publishing platforms like Calameo are the perfect ally for your content marketing strategies. Thanks to their ease of use, they allow you to put your documents online and share them with the world in just a few clicks. And to further enhance your ability to attract leads and measure the impact of your actions, digital publishing platforms offer unique enrichment features, such as shopping links and statistical tracking. So how do you use a digital publishing platform to make it work for you?

What kind of content should you publish?

Don't think that digital publishing platforms are only for the publishing world or magazines, because, on the contrary, every field of activity can benefit from them. What's more, our tools are not just for professionals - you can also take advantage of digital publishing for yourself. From your CV to your child's lessons, through your company's internal newsletter, discover the full range of content you can publish online thanks to digital publishing sites:

  • Education: Although not very much turned to digital until now, education had to adapt to the current context by proposing the sharing and distribution of learning materials of all kinds on the web. Examples of content: courses, activities, homework and corrections.
  • Marketing: Much more at ease on the web than education, marketing already knows how to use the tools of the web. It is therefore not surprising to see that many brands are already taking advantage of digital publishing. Examples of content: infographics, brochures, slideshows, white papers.
  • Publishing: As mentioned earlier, the "traditional" publishing world is an avid user of digital publishing. Here are some examples of how publishing houses use Calameo: magazines, excerpts, complete works, goodies.
  • Enterprise: Using digital publishing as an enterprise allows you to do many things: whether it is for internal communication, for your sales department, or for marketing. Examples of content: balance sheets, presentations, internal communication documents, commercial supports.
  • Freelance: Whether you are looking for a job or looking for clients, digital publishing has a lot to offer! Examples of content: CV, portfolio, proposals, administrative documents.
  • Leisure: You don't have to be a professional to use Calameo. We can imagine many uses for personal purposes and the possibilities are endless! Here are some examples to inspire you: photo albums, personal documents, fanfictions.

How to optimize your documents before publishing them on a digital publishing platform?

Publishing documents online through publishing platforms is simple and intuitive. However, here are some tips to make publishing your documents online even easier and faster:

  • Check the file type: You already know that digital publishing can help you go beyond PDF, but you can also upload text files, Word documents, Powerpoints and Excel files. Before publishing, take a moment to make sure your document is in one of the formats accepted by the digital publishing platform you're using.
  • Reduce file size: When working with high-quality images, complex layouts and other data-rich elements, your file size can grow quickly. Consider checking to see if your account limits the size of files you can upload and reduce your file size accordingly.
  • Format links: If you have external links to include in your post, you can take advantage of automatic link detection! Simply add the site URL to a clickable area of your PDF. Once your file is converted, a link will automatically appear in your publication.
  • Use a PDF printer: Most importantly, every part of your document should always look flawless. To ensure a seamless conversion on online publishing platforms, try printing your file as a PDF rather than exporting it as a PDF. In addition to avoiding display errors, you'll benefit from a smaller file size by printing in PDF format.
  • Prepare your enhancements: Once your publication is online, you will be able to add internal, external, shopping, and video links, and much more! It's easier to add all your enrichments if you have prepared them in advance and just copy and paste the links for each item.

Keep these tips in mind when optimizing your documents for online publication on a platform like Calameo. By taking a few minutes to prepare your files, you will optimize the online publishing and enrichment of your digital publications.

How to create unique publications that resemble your brand?

You probably already know this, but in communication, and more generally in marketing, you have to know how to differentiate yourself while being recognizable at first glance. And digital publishing platforms are a real asset for this. So, to help you create great publications, here are 3 steps to follow:

Step 1: Before importing your document to the digital publishing platform

For a unique and recognizable publication, it starts with the writing (on your word processor) and the design (on your layout software).

  • Tone: The way you speak is an integral part of your brand identity. The tone you use is unique and should reflect your values: it can be funny, serious, informative - or any other adjective - it's all up to you and the character you want your brand to have. Find and adopt a tone that is very specific to your business and use it in all your communications.
  • Document Design: Design is very important to make you stand out. Having a strong graphic design that you use in all your communications - including your digital publications - is essential. Be sure to respect your graphic charter in the use of: colors, typography, images and illustrations, and your logos.

And while you need to differentiate yourself, think about the user experience: your content must remain understandable and readable. The meaning of the message should not be lost because of an overly complex layout.

Step 2: When importing your document to the online publishing platform

When you publish your document online, just before it is uploaded, you will have the opportunity to start working on the design of the e-reader to offer a unique experience to your readers.

  • Choice of display mode: You can choose how the pages of your document will be displayed: scroll up, or like a slideshow, or like a flipbook with pages that turn like a magazine. Think carefully about the display mode of your publication, as each mode offers a different reading experience and comfort.
  • Sound: So far we've only talked about the visuals, but with digital publishing, you can also import sound elements. With a Calaméo Premium or Platinum account, for example, you can add background music to your publication, as well as a sound effect at each page change to create a unique reading atmosphere!

Step 3: Once your document is online on the digital publishing platform

Your document, once posted on an online publishing platform, becomes a publication. To make your publication unique and recognizable, you can use several customization tools that will act directly on your publication or on the reader.

  • Adding interactivity: With our Editor tool, for example, you can add all sorts of interactive elements to enhance your publications. You can add:

    • external links: refer your readers to your site, to your sources or any other URL.
    • internal links: refer to a page inside your document. You can make interactive summaries for example.
    • shopping links: link directly to a product sheet. For example, you can introduce a shopping link over a photo setting your product in your publication.
    • videos: you can, for example, create custom videos and introduce them in each of your digital publications, like a vlog, to give more personality to your content.
    • audio tracks: add music to accompany your readers on a single page, or throughout the publication. You can add music at a convenient time to create a very specific mood: joy, fear, relaxation etc.
    • media: think of all formats. You can add photos, images, animated GIFs etc. Feel free to experiment!
    • zoom areas: created to improve visual comfort. You can also introduce elements that are readable only with the help of this zoom area like a tiny QR code for example.

    Thanks to the elements you add with the Editor tool offered by Calameo, you can create an atmosphere specific to your brand: bring movement and dynamism by adding animated GIFs, find the atmosphere of your stores by adding a recognizable audio track, imagine unique experiences for contests, etc.

  • Customize the viewer: At Calameo, from the Elements section of your profile (PLATINUM accounts only) you can create custom themes and change the look of the e-reader as you like. Change all elements directly in the code: social network buttons can change color, navigation arrows can have a different size, etc. It is also recommended that you add your logo to the reader and make it clickable to ensure that readers find their way to your website.

Finally, the customization possibilities are endless with digital publishing tools and allow you to create unique content that looks just like you and your brand, and allows you to boost your content marketing strategies.

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