Where do you publish a digital magazine?

With the rise of the internet and social media, creating a magazine has never been easier. If you are planning to create your online magazine, then digital publishing is for you! Here are some of the great reasons to publish your digital magazine with Calameo.

What is digital publishing?

Digital publishing is actually very simple: it's making documents available on the Internet through online tools.

From the school teacher to the marketing director, from the freelance writer to the internal communication manager, many different sectors use digital publishing to share their documents for various purposes: selling, attracting prospects, sharing with friends and family or with their school class etc.

In this sense, there are many different documents that we contribute to publish and share at Calaméo: from the magazine to the family photo album, from the annual report to the school assignment.

So if you're thinking of creating an online magazine, there's no better tool for you, because that's what we specialize in. Calameo already hosts a large number of online magazines that you can use as examples. Moreover, we also publish a digital magazine ourselves: Calameo Magazine.

Publish your digital magazine with Calaméo


This is the key word at Calaméo. We want all our users to be able to use our tool efficiently and easily. To do so, it is very easy to put your documents online: just click on the "Publish" button, select your documents and our platform takes care of converting your files into beautiful online publications in just a few seconds.


With Calaméo's PLATINUM subscription, we offer you the possibility to publish in white label. This means that everything that identifies Calaméo, such as our watermark on the reader, can be modified: you can add your logos, and your graphic charter instead to make your content identifiable. You can also customize the e-reader entirely to your liking to reflect your brand identity: the background image, the icons, etc.


Calameo's EDITOR tool allows you to add all kinds of media to your publications: videos, GIFs, images, audio tracks, internal and external links... The EDITOR tool allows you to create a unique and unforgettable reading experience for your audience. Stand out from your competitors by offering innovative features and functions within your magazine!


With Calaméo, sharing your magazine is easy. On the one hand, you can easily integrate your publications to your website and/or your blog, and on the other hand you can share your magazine on social networks so that it can be read directly from your post in e-reader format. Moreover, publishing on Calaméo offers you the possibility to be seen by a very large audience, and this 24 hours a day thanks to our platform.


Thanks to the advanced statistics offered by Calameo, you can track and consult the number of views, the duration, the country of origin of your readers, the number of clicks on the links, and much more! Tracking statistics is a very effective way to check the reach of your publications and to make improvements to your magazine.

And it's free!

Calameo offers several subscription levels according to your needs: BASIC (free), PREMIUM and PLATINUM. It is therefore possible to use our tool for free to publish your magazine. However, if you want to take advantage of all our features, we advise you to consider paying for a subscription. In fact, we offer you a free 14-day trial of the PLATINUM subscription so that you can discover the full extent of our tools.

In conclusion, there is no better place than Calameo to publish your digital magazine: we not only allow you to put your file online, but also to enrich it, to share it with a large audience, to follow your statistics, and all this in the same place, from your Calameo user account: create your free account now!